The Righteous Path

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

I am a simple man, not Superman. Outside of my immediate family, I have no desire for fame or outrageous wealth. I want to be a good father, grandfather, uncle…. I do not lack ambition, as I grow older I want to gain wisdom and hopefully pass it down. Sadly, with all that is happening in this world today, my simple wants are gravely threatened for no good reason.

My country is in a state of decline that I thought I would never live to see. The so called “leaders” of my country have deemed it necessary to dispense with the principles on which it was founded. Our Constitution, once thought to be one of the greatest  documents written by man, inspired by our Creator, has of late been referred to as nothing more than a “damned piece of paper” and worse by people who supposedly swore a solemn oath to protect and defend its principles and intent. The first ten amendments, our Bill of Rights, were written to enumerate our unalienable rights, granted not by men, but by The Creator himself. It too is being shredded by those whose faith lies only in the god of greed and unlimited power.

Our Founders warned us, they knew history and understood the nature of man. We heeded those warnings for a while, yet as this nation grew, as we gained prominence among the nations, We the People slowly lost sight of the visions of our forefathers. We became intoxicated with our new found wealth and power, and while in that stupor allowed the power that WE held in OUR hands to be taken from us. As we slowly transitioned from a nation of builders to one of consumers, we paid little attention as our leaders began to think more of their interests than ours. We said little as the chains were slowly draped upon us, taxation, regulation, innumerable laws and restrictions…. things done for our “own good”. Like a vicious cancer that starts small, over time it has now metastasized and is spreading with such fury. That cancer is complacency, and we all have been infected to one extent or another.

Almost half of this nation is now on some form of government assistance, our jobs being sent out overseas to the lowest bidders because we care more about price than quality. The corporations that once helped build this nation now belong to international bankers who don’t give a damn about anything other than the bottom line and filling their pockets at the expense of everyone else. We have people like George Soros, an admitted Nazi collaborator and traitor to his own people, gleefully rubbing his hands together as he takes pride in destroying country after country singlehandedly with the biggest prize, America, in his sights.

He is only one of a small group that wants to OWN us all, and our continued apathy will allow these people to do so if we don’t put a stop to their plans NOW. We must get back to the fundamentals upon which this nation was founded. We must demand that our leaders follow the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We must grasp the reigns of power as intended by our founders and regain control of our lives and destiny. We cannot continue to allow our so called “leaders” to run rampant across the globe, committing atrocities in our name, bastardizing the meaning of Liberty and Equality. We can no longer allow sworn enemies to occupy seats of power within our government. We must, as one people, stand firm against those whose sole purpose is to impose political and religious ideologies that are contrary to our Constitution, our Culture, our way of life… We must stand together and rid our educational system of the indoctrinators and put TEACHERS in their place. We must learn how to think critically once again, and pass that on to our children. We must re-learn what it means to be Americans, and act accordingly.

These things and others we must do in order to atone for past mistakes. America’s people have never claimed perfection, but our mistakes should not be reason enough to not strive for it. We must regain control of our governance. We must call out our so called “leaders” to account for their crimes and other misdeeds against our people and others around the globe harmed by their actions.

Yes Obama, I’m talking about YOU and your administration. I’m talking about the people pulling your strings. I’m talking about WE the people, America. As I said earlier, we all hold some level of responsibility. We must claim our bit of responsibility, correct our mistakes and regain the righteous path.


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