Political Correctness Will Kill Us

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
Thirty six years ago I swore a solemn oath to protect and defend The Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic. To this day I still hold firm to that oath, and I’ll be damned if ANYONE thinks I will stand idly by and watch the systematic destruction of our way of life by extremists of any stripe. Our founding documents compel us to resist tyranny, but sadly, too many of us are too timid to speak out and say “Enough is enough!”.
Now, here we are on the verge of moral and financial bankruptcy. I have to ask why? We should all be asking. What were our leaders thinking as they crawled into bed with the likes of Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, the Saudi Royals and all the other despots that have turned on us after receiving untold trillions in support?The obvious answer is money, but another component is a gross misunderstanding of the factions we have been dealing with. Somewhere along the line someone thought that we could work with militant islamists, that we could keep them under our control and have them do our bidding. We see today where that line of thinking has led us.
We have a POTUS of questionable lineage and loyalty. Cabinet members and staff have questionable backgrounds also. We now have members of the Muslim Brotherhood in key offices of government, using their influence of these offices to re-write military and law enforcement doctrine in order to subdue or remove completely all negative mention of Islam. In the name of “diversity” we have groups like The Council on American Islamic Relations and others dictating what we may teach our children about Islam, demanding that we change OUR laws to be more sharia compliant.
It is appalling how the liberals and “progressives” fall all over themselves to accommodate a group of people whose sworn objective is to convert all non believers, and kill those who dare resist. In the wake of the Woolwich, London Murder, people are being arrested for their posts on Facebook and Twitter, and efforts are made here at home to suppress any form of speech against islam.
We cannot allow any group the power to suppress the truth. The radical muslims have been allowed to hide behind First Amendment protections for too long. We did not allow Axis powers to “advise” our leadership during WWII, so why is this being allowed today?The current administration is bowing both literally and figuratively to those who wish to destroy us. They leave our borders wide open so all that wish to can freely walk in to do whatever they desire, with the House and Senate doing absolutely NOTHING to stop them.
This desire to have “diversity” and “political correctness” is leading to the end of America as we know it. Our forebears did not come here to continue life as they had in their home countries. They came with a dream and desire to start something new, something totally different. They came here to create something unique, to assimilate the varying cultures and become AMERICANS. Somewhere along the way that idea has been overshadowed, misplaced among the garbage of “Being Kardashian”, “Survivor” and any number of things meant to distract and dumb down the viewer.
Now more than ever we need to tighten our focus, shake off the fog, ignore the diversions. We need to unify as our predecessors did during the Great Depression. We must learn all we can about the different groups that are working together to bring this great nation down and stand in defiance of each and every one. To do anything less only ensures our defeat. We must stop being Politically Correct, and return to being AMERICANS, learning from the mistakes of our past and working for a future where not only we, but the world as a whole can live in freedom and prosperity.
Bret Bourg

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