With each passing day as this nation sinks lower in the eyes of its people and the world, all I can do is shake my head in disgust.

The leftists who want to fundamentally change this country are doing so because the are organized and have been systematically pushing their agenda since before the days of Stalin and Khrushchev.

We on the right however have for too long been content to sit back, watching it happen, thinking they will never succeed. While we were busy patting ourselves on the back, crowing about what fine, upstanding, law abiding, God fearing people we were, the left was busy breaking every rule in the book to achieve their goals.

While the old guard in Washington scramble to retain their power and grab more at every opportunity, the new blood that is trying to desperately restore and rejuvenate this nation come under attack from members of their own party!  This is not only a problem in D.C., but across this entire country. While Cruz, Lee, Amash and others like them are having their asses handed to them by RINO‘s (for doing what they said they would do when elected), and the dems find more creative ways to spin the lies of Obama, the sleepers continue to sleep, and the keyboard kommandos keep blasting out lame, empty threats.

                           “SOMEBODY NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING”…..

I wish I had a dime for each time I’ve seen this….I got a newsflash for ya, YOU are that somebody, and the time to do something is now. I titled this “Disappointment”… The reasons are varied, but the main source of my disappointment lies with those who bitch about how bad things have gone. They know what needs to be done, but haven’t got the stones to really do anything about it. Then there are the ones who put on a uniform and call themselves a militia.  Instead of spending time training for plausible, real world scenarios, they waste time arguing over techniques and tactics that will have NO EFFECT against trained, seasoned troops. They run around the woods playing Rambo instead of learning actual useful tactics for the coming storm. Instead of focusing on good order and discipline, the dynamics of the “Clique” overrules common sense. When discussing scenarios, instead of speaking as defenders, it sounds as though marauding will be the order of the day when TSHTF , as in “We will hit the schools for our food supplies”…. Ain’t that just lovely, instead of planning the defense of your neighbors, you’re plotting to steal their  kid’s food……

I want it to be known that I am speaking only about my experience with my local group and their lack of leadership. I would hope that other militia groups in my state and those of other states are not all working in this mindset. Those of you that are, you are not militia, you are thugs.  Even though I’m a veteran, I sought out the militia to gain skills that I did not learn in the Navy. What I’ve found so far has been the biggest disappointment of all, disorganization, inflated egos and a lack of willingness (from bottom to top) to listen and LEARN.

To the wannabees and posers of the local group, if you find what I say offensive, tough shit, the truth hurts. To the rest of Texas, to America, YOU ARE SOMEBODY. You must realize this now and take appropriate measures to defend yourselves, your community, your country. Find a group that wants to be more than an organized gang. Seek out experience, listen, learn and live the lessons given. Remember that we are here today because of our complacency and a foolish sense of “Somebody else will handle things”.

Demand accountability from our elected officials, they govern at OUR consent, and we have the right to remove that consent when their governance is no longer in the interests of you and I. It hasn’t been for quite some time now. I love my country, and revere the sacrifices made by those who came before me to ensure my opportunities as an American. I shall uphold my oath, alone if need be, to support, protect, and defend The Constitution and Bill of Rights.  I shall never, ever allow tyrants, wannabees, and posers to ever deter me in carrying out that oath.

Bret W. Bourg


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