Don’t Tread On Me

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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English: First page of Constitution of the Uni...

English: First page of Constitution of the United States  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

UNLESS more people wake up, band together, and find the courage to take action, Obama and the criminals in the US Federal govt. will continue to destroy our country.

Start small with local government and work our way up, throwing out the corrupt and dirty politicians as we go and holding the replacement politicians accountable for their every action.

Keep all forms of government small and controllable and limit the pay/perks so the individuals are there for the right reasons (the community and it’s people) instead of self interest and power. 

GINGER B. American Patriot

Unfortunately, Ginger,  there is no longer sufficient time for that approach to be effective. There are too many “dirty politicians” in charge.

They will not change the rules they themselves wrote to enable the criminality now in practice.

They will do nothing to diminish their power. That is why we must take action ourselves to remind these jerkoffs who their bosses are.

We have to reassert our inherent , natural rights as free human beings.

We have to rescind and throw out laws that have been written to benefit the few to the detriment of the many.

The machinery of government is broken beyond all repair and now is the time to tear it down completely, build a better, leaner model.

Our Constitution is not an outdated document, regardless of what those who hate its concepts try to say.

To those who wish to fundamentally change this Nation…. Do you REALLY want to go there?

Are you prepared to put it all on the line for your socialist utopia?

Are you prepared to DIE in defense of your beliefs?

Let me tell you in no uncertain terms, I am fully prepared to LIVE for MY beliefs.

I will uphold my oath to the Constitution and the people it protects.

I will gladly send you to the afterlife in defense of my beliefs and

not…..bat… …..eye.


  1. Absolutely. It is evident now (finally) to me that the peaceful methods attempted thus far move nothing and make us more of a laughing stock. Lead on and you will have people who not only join, but also walk point and rear. Be blessed brother.

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