Obama Releases More Terrorists

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

In a continuing reversal of the decades long policy of not negotiating with terrorists, the Obama administration, in all its infinite wisdom, is quietly releasing Taliban terrorists. The reason behind this is the intention to get peace talks moving between the Taliban, Afghanistan and the U.S.While the Pentagon, DOJ, and other alphabet agencies spend untold millions trying to crucify people like Manning and Snowden, they coddle known criminals like Major Hassan and the killers being held in Gitmo. While the DHS and TSA are targeting American citizens as terrorists, Obama is sending five known murderers back to Afghanistan, as long as they promise not to “engage in violent activity”.  Really?Afghan President Hamid Karzai has stated his opposition to negotiations with the Taliban, from CNN,

In a statement, Karzai said his country wants peace, “but the messages of continuation of fighting, which were sent out during the opening of the Taliban office in Qatar, are completely in contradiction with the peace-wanting spirit of the government of Afghanistan.”

Karzai was referring to how, during Tuesday’s ribbon-cutting in Qatar, a Taliban spokesman said the group would continue its military campaign while at the same time renouncing international terrorism.

Seeming to make good on its military pledge, the Taliban later Tuesday claimed responsibility for the attack inside the Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan that killed four U.S. soldiers.

Karzai criticized the Taliban’s promise about military advances.

“This shows that the continuation of such policies of the Taliban are for … foreigners’ strategies and goals,” Karzai’s statement said. He charged that “foreign powers” are behind the opening of the Taliban’s office in Qatar.

With so much being written about the islamic doctrine of Taqqiya, why should any American believe that anyone released from Gitmo will “be good” and not continue to fight? By releasing these terrorists in dribs and drabs, does Obama hope to justify the closure of Gitmo and ask Congress to cut off funds for the prison altogether? Why is it that now the Taliban are to be trusted, even as they continue to attack our service members and their own countrymen? Why are we expected to just forget the public executions of women and young girls for wanting nothing more than to go to school?

 Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, these are but a few of the questions you need to answer before ANY of the detainees are released. In an ABC News report from May 26, 2009 …..ABC News’ Luis Martinez reports: A Pentagon report released today confirms that 14 percent of the 540 detainees — or one in seven — who were released from the detainee center Guantanamo Bay have been known or suspected of returning to terrorist activities. “Based on a comprehensive review of available information as of mid-March 2009, the Defense Intelligence Agency reported 14 percent as the overall rate of former Guantanamo detainees confirmed or suspected of reengaging in terrorist activities…. 

In a more recent report…..U.S. intelligence agencies recently reported that 168 terrorists of 602 detainees that were transferred to other countries from Guantanamo rejoined terrorist groups or otherwise took part in insurgent and terrorist activities. Many of the released terrorists are being held by foreign governments or were killed.

These “detainees” were captured on the field of battle, or actively planning attacks on America or its allies. While the Democrats bemoan the cost to house and feed these criminals, they have done everything they can to prevent them from facing any type of trial. While Maj. Hassan continues to collect his Army paycheck, our soldiers are being hobbled with reduced rations, talks of reducing their hazard pay, reduction of health care benefits for their dependents here at home…. Our returning wounded get substandard care, while the residents of Gitmo get special diets, religious concessions, gym equipment...the s.o.b.’s even demanded the removal of the American flag from their sight, and it was done! The inmates now run the asylum.

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