The Dept. of (IN)Justice, Lies and Obfuscations

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

For most of his tenure, America’s highest ranking law enforcement officer, Mr. Eric Holder, has been scrutinized for lying or otherwise “misleading” Congress.From New Black Panther Party voter intimidation in 2008 to recent questions about potential prosecutions of journalists, Holder has had trouble recalling details of investigations conducted by his department. Many find this troubling that America’s “Top Cop” has little to no idea what his subordinates are doing. The question has been asked several times by persons on both sides of the political and journalistic aisle; Why is he in charge if he is so clueless regarding the actions of his subordinates?

A 70 page report released last Wednesday by Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee formally accused Attorney General Eric Holder of misleading Congress. Stating that his testimony concerning leaks being investigated by his department were “deceptive” when he said he knew nothing of “potential prosecution” of the press, the report also examined the FBI’s aggressive investigations of various leaks. The focus however, was largely on the FBI affidavit seeking a search warrant for Fox News correspondent James Rosen’s emails in connection with one such probe. Citing the Espionage Act, the DOJ justified the document grab by stating Rosen was a “likely” criminal co-conspirator in a leak case.

On May 15, shortly before the affidavit was made public, Holder informed members the House Judiciary Committee that he hadn’t heard of any effort to prosecute reporters. “With regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material, that is not something that I have ever been involved, heard of, or would think would be a wise policy,”.  This is the comment found by the Judiciary Committee report to be “deceptive and misleading”.

Stated in the report: “We believe that Mr. Holder’s simple and direct statement had the intended effect — to leave the members of the Committee with the impression that not only had the potential prosecution of a reporter never been contemplated during Mr. Holder’s tenure, but that nothing comparable to the Rosen search warrant had ever been executed by this administration…On the basis of Mr. Holder’s testimony, there was little doubt in the Members’ minds that the legal machinery for such an undertaking had never been started.”

Even though the DOJ has acknowledged Holder’s awareness and approval of the application for the warrant, Brian Fallon, spokesman for the DOJ on Wednesday said the latest report “was produced on a purely partisan basis” and  findings “are contrary to the record and strongly disputed by many of the committee’s own members.” Previous explanations by the DOJ that the investigation involving Rosen never escalated into any prosecution, and admissions that Holder approved the warrant application, the Department still has the gall to claim that Holder’s testimony is accurate.
In a dismissal of this explanation, the report states; “We take little comfort in Mr. Holder’s assurances to us now that the Department never intended to prosecute Mr. Rosen when it labeled him a criminal suspect in 2010, tarnishing a journalist as a suspect in a national security investigation is not something that should be taken lightly. Espionage is a serious federal crime, punishable by up to a decade in prison. In essence, the Justice Department dangled Mr. Rosen over a cliff. But the American people were then assured by Mr. Holder that this was appropriate because there was never a potential of him falling to his doom.”
This is just the most recent example of the devious nature of Mr. Holder. With the release of this report, Republicans of the Judiciary Committee have penned a letter to Obama calling for a “change in leadership” at the DOJ. Looking at the history of Republican spinelessness in dealing with Holder, it is doubtful that anything will be done about this current example of lawlessness within the DOJ.
For more on the history of Eric Holder and his numerous lies, see this, this, this, and finally, this. In each of these instances, Holder has made denials or claims of ignorance, only to have documentation produced showing his dishonesty. This man should have been fired long ago.

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