The Line Has Been Crossed….

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Friends, fellow Americans and those who cherish freedom. We are constantly facing challenges thrown at us by the Obama administration, the latest being this (, and this ( is clear that this administration is going to place islam above the Constitution, other religions practiced in this country,…. The rights of us all. This despicable attempt at controlling the thoughts and ability to express oneself without fear of repercussion has definitely crossed the line, and I for one refuse to be cowed by such threats. We must continue to speak out against any and all attempts of this nature. islam (I refuse to capitalize this cult, so you grammar nazis back off) is nothing more than a political system, based on the total subservience of its followers. It is incompatible with the laws and customs of this country. Why should WE be made to change? The ONLY answer? WE SHOULD NOT!

We have been accommodating these people for long enough. The muslim goal is clear and uncompromising, total subjugation of non believers and the elimination of those who refuse. Groups like CAIR, Muslims of America, and countless others are not so quietly chipping away at the foundations of our society, following well thought out plans, some hundreds of years in the making.

Our belief that what we see happening here today could never happen, well, I guess we were wrong. It is happening because we are complacent, we let ourselves become overconfident, and now we must face this situation we have all had a hand in creating. If we are going to survive this with our country and ideals intact, we must come together NOW. We can’t put it off any longer, we can’t continue with the attitude that someone else is going to do it for us. I don’t know what I can personally do or say anymore to get people to realize the grave danger that each and every one of us face if we continue to allow our government to continue down the path it has taken.

Obama holds allegiance to islam, or so it seems by his actions. It is up to each of us to do the research and find the truth. Actions speak louder than words, and the actions of this administration have spoken volumes over the last 4 1/2 years. Now it is OUR turn to act, to speak out against those who wish to destroy all that we hold dear. If our words are not enough, then we must show our determination through whatever means necessary to preserve our freedom, to protect those unable to protect themselves and destroy those who wish to see OUR destruction.

Never before has this Nation faced such threat, the enemy has breached the wire and now holds seats in high places of our government. If we continue to sit and do NOTHING, then this Great Experiment called America will be destroyed, two hundred plus years of toil and sweat and blood expended for naught. I do not want to leave that legacy for my descendants…..

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