Two Faces of Terror

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

When things are bad enough to piss a Buddhist off, you know there is something evil going on…

Wirathu, a 45 year old Buddhist monk from Myanmar (Burma)

Wirathu, a 45 year old Buddhist monk from Myanmar (Burma)

The man on the left is Wirathu, a 45 year old Buddhist monk from Myanmar (Burma), a leader who has taken the title “The Burmese Bin Laden”. As TIME magazine puts it, he is The Face of Burmese Terror. On the right, Abu Sakkar, aka Khalil al-Hamad, age unknown, founder and commander of the Farouk Brigade, cannibal.

TIME has no problem vilifying Wirathu and his followers as inciters of “bigotry and violence” against innocent muslims, both in Burma and neighboring Thailand. What TIME fails to explain are the violent attacks by “innocent” muslims   (insert link to photos)  which have forced the Buddhist majority of  Burma to take action in defense of their faith and way of life. What is happening in Thailand (insert photo, beheaded baby) and Burma ( photo,burned bodies)is ugly, yet you only hear of the aggressive actions of the Burmese Buddhists, but nothing of the atrocities against Thai Buddhists by muslims in that country.

Wirathu is a patriot, he sees the muslim threat, and is NOT afraid to stand against it, regardless of what rags like TIME, the U.N., or any one else says.

From Wikipedia;

Civil wars have been a constant feature of Burma’s socio-political landscape since the attainment of independence in 1948. These wars are predominantly struggles for ethnic and sub-national autonomy, with the areas surrounding the ethnically Burman central districts of the country serving as the primary geographical setting of conflict. Foreign journalists and visitors require a special travel permit to visit the areas in which Burma’s civil wars continue….

….A widely publicised Burmese conflict was the 2012 Rakhine State riots, a series of conflicts that primarily involved the ethnic Rakhine Buddhist people and the Rohingya Muslim people in the northern Rakhine State—an estimated 90,000 people were displaced as a result of the riots. The Burmese government previously identified the Rohingya as a group of illegal migrants; however, the ethnic group has lived in Burma for numerous centuries….

….A UN envoy reported in March 2013 that unrest had re-emerged between Burma’s Buddhist and Muslim communities, with violence spreading to towns that are located closer to Yangon….

On the other hand, our “friend” on the right…the cannibal… TIME says very little about him.

Abú Sakkar syrian Rebel in the graphic video eating a man's heart out

Abú Sakkar syrian Rebel in the graphic video eating a man’s heart out

In fact they say nothing (that I could find ,so far).  Abú Sakkar is a Syrian Rebel, a so called “freedom  fighter”, an ally of al Qaeda, al Nusra, and who knows how many other “al’s”. He is one of the guys our “Dear Leader” is about to send tons of weapons and ammunition to (on our dime).  He and his fellow rebels do things such as this ( insert photo, child chained to wall, forced to watch parents execution).  When Abu Sakkar is done with executing parents, it’s snack time ( insert link to video, or still photo of this asshole eating the internals of a dead Syrian soldier).  Here is a snippet from an article in the May 08, 2013 edition of TIME;

  ….The U.S. does not have to act alone, put boots on the ground or destroy every Syrian air-defense system to make a difference. We could train and arm well-vetted Syrian opposition forces, as recommended last year by President Obama’s national-security team…… Sen. John McCain (R, AZ).

9068_684464061567822_1401485981_n (1)Yeah, right John, how ’bout passin whatever you’re smokin’ over here, it must be the GOOD stuff!

TIME and Obama will not support Wirathu, but Obama will fall all over himself giving weapons, money and moral support to depraved souless BARBARIANS such as Abu Sakkar and his allies. Mr. Obama… you have to go… YOU HAVE TO GO NOW!

As Americans, how can we allow this to go any further?  These acts are already occurring here on our soil, yet not being reported beyond the local media market area where they occur. Does this have to happen in your home town, maybe  to one of YOUR loved ones , before we say ENOUGH!


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