By now one would think that it has become more than obvious to the most uninformed persons that something is terribly wrong with this nation. It seems that the majority of the population has now become takers, expecting those of us that work for a living to freely give to them what we toil to earn in order to improve OUR lives and the lives of those who are our families, friends and neighbors. The so called “Progressives” demand that the “Rich” divest themselves of that which they WORKED to gain, but at the same time, just what do they say about the likes of Soros, Gates, Turner and other wealthy liberals.

The hypocrisy exceeds all bounds. Al Gore spends thousands a month just to heat and cool his residence, jets privately around the globe to tell people about how the daily activities of you and I are destroying the planet, makes millions of dollars promoting carbon Ponzi schemes….. Yet you and I should be relegated to living in Mega urban centers so that the “elite” can carve up the “wilderness” between themselves and deny us access, like the feudal serfs they want us to be.

The time is well passed for those who are sitting upon the fence to decide what path they are going to take. Those who choose to remain uninformed are doing themselves and the ones around them no favors. Keeping your collective heads in the sand will not make the situation go away or improve by any means.  We, as individuals and a nation, must take a good, hard look at ourselves and our government and try to determine where it was that we left the path of freedom and righteousness. When did it become acceptable to spread freedom and democracy at the point of a gun? When did it become acceptable to kill Americans and others who do not agree with criminal actions promoted by our government and the special interests that pull their strings?  Why should our so called leaders be able to surround themselves with armed thugs, while we are denied the right to protect ourselves against criminals on the street and in the government itself?…… Why should we be made afraid to ask these questions?


We are Americans, although imperfect,  we have a legacy given to us by our forefathers that is just as pertinent today as it was when it was first conceived. As an American, I WILL NOT bow down to Imperial decrees put forth by our so called “leaders”, the U.N., or any other foreign body that intends to impose their globalist designs upon us. I am not a “subject”,  I am a human being with unalienable rights granted by my Creator, those rights shall never be negated by another man, not matter WHAT his position may be…… So, to answer my question…. NO, it is not too late. It is never too late to fight for what is right, to stand against tyranny. It is not too late to band together and use our VOICES to convey our resistance. Hopefully, that should be enough, but if history is a guide, we must make ready to do everything necessary to preserve our hard won freedoms from those that would dare try to take them from us.



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